The finest raw food for the most cherished doggos.

Delivered to your door in Metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria & NSW or available for collection from our Warehouse in Epping (VIC, 3076). 

Made with love locally, in small batches that ensure optimal nutrition from every meal. Conveniently ready to serve with nothing unnecessary added.

After/Zip & Paypal Available!

Pick'n' Mix Treats

With dog treats- not all are created equal...

Cheap, inferior products are imported from overseas, subjected to nasty irradiation and sold to unknowing pet parents for bargain prices. Not here! Our treats are ethically sourced from within Australia and are of the highest quality.

You can buy them as singles, in a 2 pack or even stock up and save with a discounted 4 pack!
Or if you can't decide try a Lucky Dip!

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This Month's Saltiest Dog is... you!!!

Think you have the Saltiest Dog in all of Melbourne? If so, then nominate them for our monthly competition and go in the draw to win a selection of delicious prizes and bragging rights amongst your friends! As they say, you have to be in it to win it!