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Flower Power Meal Topper

Flower Power Meal Topper

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Dehydrated Chicken & Dandelion Meal Topper 

This stuff is truly the bees knees. When you smell its fresh herbiness you will want to try it yourself! It smells like good, yummy, delicious health.

Made from chicken breast (human-grade, no added preservatives), certified organic Dandelion leaf and root.

Your dog will love it. And its even good for your cat too.

Sprinkle on any meal to give it a nutritious punch and also make it more palatable- perfect for fussy eaters! 

Flower Power is also perfect for raw feeders changing to a new batch due to the dandelions properties that assist healthy digestion. See below for all the other good things the dandelion can help with!

Store in the fridge. 

Pet food only.


Additional Information:

DANDELION leaf and root (botanical name: Taraxacum officinale)

The dandelion used in this product is certified organic dandelion leaf and root sourced from an Australian company that promotes the network of ethical growers who provide responsibly sourced herbs, healthy for people and planet alike.

Dandelion leaf and root is safe for cats and dogs to consume*

Dandelion may:

· help dogs with gas
· help digestion and kidney function
· stimulate appetite
· encourage beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract
· promote healthy digestion
· support liver function and detoxification
· improve tooth enamel
· support the cardiovascular system
· promote healthy teeth and bones
· help maintain stable blood sugar levels
· help remove toxins from the body via the kidneys
· may help with feline allergies

*all herbs, whether consumed by humans, cats or dogs, should be eaten in small quantities

-80-85g in fully compostable packaging- 


Simply sprinkle over any meal, or if feeding dry food-

Add some warm water, mix to a gravy consistency and mix through meal.

Due to the concentrated nature of this product please use in moderation- a little goes a long way!

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