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Scented Toys- Puppy Pack

Scented Toys- Puppy Pack

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* LIFELONG STIMULATING SCENT makes more interesting for your pet than your shoes or any household items. Easy to clean in dishwasher or washing machine and still keeps its’ “dairy farm” scent.

* SWITCHES ON HUNTING INSTINCT High4Pets toys are made from recycled milking machine rubber parts. Contact with the cows during milking process leaves a “dairy farm / cow-milk” scent in the rubber what any predator type pet love.

* PERFECT TUG OF WAR, FETCH - CATCH - THROW TOY. Ideal for teething puppies, everyday walks, agility, chewing and biting training, search and rescue or hunting trainings. Great indoor toy too.

* CHEMICAL FREE NATURALLY SCENTED Safe for pets, and no need to put any food in it to make it irresistible for them. Great weight control toy as well. Available in undyed cotton version for sensitive ones.

Can play fetch back, shake, tug-o-war with this dog toy or use it as a chew toy.
Great for teething puppies too.

* This handmade High4Pets dog toy pack includes 1 soft rubber+cotton toy + 1 harder rubber+cotton chewer suits small dogs and puppies who likes chewing but has tactful mouth.

* Ropes comes with assorted bright colours or choose the undyed 100% cotton rope version,

* Measures approx. 11.8 in/30 cm (smaller one) & 14,5 in/37 cm long (larger one) including rope

* Can be cleaned in washing machine or in dishwasher on low temperature and still keeps its dairy farm odour.

* Rubber soft to the touch and perfect for dogs of all ages, even teething puppies.

* Recommended for moderate chewers.

* This High4Pets dog toy model suits toy-, xs-, small or medium dogs ferrets and cats. Can play fetch back, tug of war or shake with this toy, or use it as a chew toy. Great for teething puppies too.

* These Toys are used extensively in agility and other reward based training. Teaches your dog to engage with you instead of being distracted or self rewarding with the environment.

WHY High4Pets Dog Toy?

Before you invest money in a toy that your dog will not love, take a look at the High4Pets Dog Toys. These dog toys are made from recycled rubber liners used in machines to milk real cows. Contact with the cows leaves an irresistible “dairy farm” scent that dogs love. That special scent makes High4Pets Dog Toys unlike other similar products which smell like, well ...., just rubber.

More than 1.3 million milking cows are living in Australia, and these parts of the milking machines have to be changed regularly. We collect these used rubber parts from dairy farms countrywide, and run them through our special 5 steps cleaning and sanitization process, but they still maintain their fresh-from-the-farm essence that seems to drive dogs wild.

OUR MISSION to create a plastic free, eco friendly, natural material based product line for environmentally aware dog keepers. No extra piece of plastic was produced for creating this dog toy!

If used as an interactive toy (you and your dog play with it together), your high4pets dog toy will last many many months. But, like any other toy, if you let your dog uses it as a chew toy, it will eventually be destroyed - but, he'll love doing it.

Note: Because it comes from used rubber parts, could have chromatism on the products. what not affects it's quality.


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