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Berry Blocks
Amanda Sleep
Yummy Berry Blocks

These Berry Blocks are great to mix in with Dusty's raw meats, such a great time saver!

Keeps pups cool and occupied

Dog Yog is Pen's new favourite treat. She's a lab x and tends to eat even long-tasting treats super quickly, but these keep her going for at least 10 minutes. I don't know how we'd get through her laser therapy sessions without them.

Turkey Neck 3pk
Catherine Kwiatkowski

Turkey Neck 3pk

Lamb Mince 1kg
Emma Miceli
Lamb mince

Was ok, the dog and cats enjoyed it but super fatty hardly any meat, definitely only something you can use as a small side and not as a main part of the meal.

Cute food bag

When Lolly Waffle would go for sleepovers at grandmas, her food would be unceremoniously dumped in a Woolies plastic bag. Now she’s got a stylish little cooler bag all of her own. Heaps of room to store a couple of days food (and some sneaky snacks)

Ruff Skin Salvation

I would give this product 100/100. It stops my dogs from scratching and biting, my dogs ant in stressed and are happy. I recommend the Ruff Skin Salvation to family and friends. I would buy it again if it comes in 2 sizes 6g 150g packages .
Thanks Again
D Williams


I was nervous buying tongue, but this is top quality - not gross at all. …it’s nicely diced and quite lean, and easy to work with when adding to DIY meals… and of course absolutely delicious to my dog.

Great product!

My boy absolutely LOVES a bit of tripe added to his meals and it’s so healthy. Excellent quality. I didn’t find it smelly or gross either.

Dogs love them

Good sized sardines. Chihuahua to collie, all my dogs love them.

Crocodile bones

Our cavoodle is really enjoying these. Keeping him entertained:)
These will be a regular purchase for him from now on

My fussy puppy finally ate something nutritious

My puppy was super fussy, wouldn't eat any kibble or sachets or tins of any variety and we tried many, the only thing she would eat was raw chicken wings or necks and I stressed about meeting her nutritional needs. I ordered the puppy pack and she has been eating it regularly since. She's still not a big eater, but at least I know she's getting super nourished with most of her meals.

Lovely brush

Our dog (Welsh Springer Spaniel) doesn't mind being brushed with this brush, although he wasn't a big fan of couple other brushes we tried.

High value training treats

We cut these tasty morsels into thin pieces and dehydrated them to make a very high value training treat for my 8 month old puppy. He loves them a little too much lol. Emu is definitely a huge hit with him and he loves it fresh as well as dehydrated. He will do anything to earn it and throws himself very enthusiastically into his training when Emu is on offer

-Surf n Turf-
Sam Martin
Safe and Tasty!!!

Keiko has several allergies and we have found no issues while using Surf n Turf or any of the Saltiest Dog’s ready made meals! And they must be tasty because Keiko and Summer are always asking for more!

-Roo Berry-
great communicative friendly company good food

i love the reminders, the delivery and the choices. quick to respond with friendly service from texts, emails and delivery. communicate at every stage and my furbaby LOVES the choice of healthy yummy food in easy to serve containers or in bulk.

Fancy Mutt Mix
Alina Berceanu
Amazing combination of mince with something to chew on

Masha is a beautiful chow, which is as fussy as a human being, but whenever I give her the Fancy Mutt Mix she ends up leaking the bowl!

Puppy Pizz
Katelyn Jones
Longest lasting pizz!

Puppy has been chewing her pizz for weeks now and still has half left.

Great chew for a food motivated pup to keep her entertained!

Great Product

We have been purchasing the Turkey Mince with 25% bone for some time. It was a great starting protein for our boxer as we transitioned back to raw.
Our pups love it and it is by far the best quality turkey mince we have purchased.

2021 Advent Calendar
Amber Arrowsmith
Amazing quality

This is the first year Maverick has had an advent calendar as I’ve been a bit unsure about some of the ingredients in some dog advent calendars but this one is amazing, all natural and plant based and Mavs new favourite thing is getting up in the morning for his Christmas treat, definitely worth the money!

Happy pooch

Paku loves it! Always so happy about his meals from the saltiest dogs.
It also smells really good for pet food 😆. It is very fresh looking and you can tell it is human grade quality.

-Salmon Gobble-
Sarah Murat
Tasty yum yum

My 11 months Cavadoodle absolutely loves the salmon gobble 😁. Great quality, healthy and well priced knowing that he gets a good amount of healthy supplements in it too.

Favourite treat!

My dog absolutely goes crazy about the Dog yog. It looks so good that I want to eat it myself!

Sardines 1kg
Lisa Lockley

Roxy and Luna are in love with the sardines.


The barf blend is a great way to get the basic nutrients my pup needs. I can add my own supplements. It’s also perfect to portion for the week and mix in veggies or sardines for variety.
Great value as it can be fed as is as part of a rotation diet 😀


100% recommend!