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A Dogs Breakfast
Claire Fidler
Ohh maaa hawt doggy dog!

If my extremely fussy dog could talk he’d say “ma! Go get me some heckin more now!”
I’ve never seen him smash something like this breakfast! Definitely going to get it again!

Inside Out Probiotic
Leisa De Luca
Fabulous product

I'm a dog groomer and I recommend inside out to a lot of my clients who's pets have allergies, I use it on my own dogs and have found it's excellent, my 15 year old Tilly has a low immune system and 10 year old Ollie has allergies, they are both thriving since I started using inside out 3 weeks ago

Such a good box of treats

Good value box of treats that my dog is completely obsessed with. The fish twist and fish tail took her ages to finish so they were great for low activity days. So good to have a variety of treats to try out.

ZIWI Venison lung & kidney

Can't keep this stuff away from my pups! Much like anything ZIWI goes down an absolute treat!!

Need more!

So glad I got this for my boy! Not only does it look amazing but was easy and quick to feed and Bruno loves it all!
So many great Ingredients!

So convenient

These little cubes of goodness are amazing!
Packed full of awesome ingredients they are really convenient way of adding greens to my pups diets with ease!
Not to mention they smell good enough that I would eat them and Brock and Evie love them!

-Roo Berry-
melissa wyatt

Gigi loves this so much still her go to after 6 months 😊

Inside Out Probiotic
carolyn burns
Amazing product

My dogs thrive on this product their allergies have settled, their gut health is great and my lawn has been saved from urine burn in the process! - Winning

Simply Seaweed

Competitive pricing, really good value and quick delivery!

Inside Out Probiotic
Stella Tsamaidis
great product

this is working so far for our blue staffy, he has skin allergies, always scratching and redness and spots. since we started on this he has been a lot more settled.
i would recommend this.

Quality products

Love the lamb mix. I can see chunks of meat! The salmon belly and sardines are quality too. Really happy with our purchase and will be back for more.

I love taking a break from DIY and knowing I'm still feeding quality and balanced meals.

Blush LOVES this

This is such a good mix & easy to add things to!

Diced Beef 2kg
Jess Dunstone
Happy boy

My prince pooch is not mad about mince so it was great to find a chunky mix he can get his teeth into 🐩

Diced Camel 2kg
Bruno’s mum

Bruno and our ferret Faybelle both loved the camel bones and I was so glad to see there was diced camel on the website!
Both of them love it! Definitely recommend!

Amazing products & excellent customer service

This is our second order from The Saltiest Dog and we are so impressed. The selection available is great and the fact that I am able to support a small, female run business is THE BEST! Definitely won’t be out last order. Hallie loved this box of treatos, especially the furry ear!

Turkey Neck 3pk
Blush’s mum
She loved them

Special treat that kept her engaged for ages, fresh and great quality

Loves it

My two girls love the kangaroo mince!

Our dog is a big fan

Our greyhound is so OBSESSED with these sardines she just eats them frozen, and she'll always pick it out of her bowl to eat before anything else.

Mutt Mix
Love this business

Thank you so much for being such a great supplier and provider of excellent food

Duck Feet (Raw)
Morning breakie treat

Gets the excited tappy feet going.

-What The Duck-
Kirstin Lewis

This is absolutely fantastic, as are all the options. All top-quality food (and better than a lot of other raw food providers in my opinion) with a great variety - I am so glad we found you!!

Great product

We started our British Bulldog on this to give her variety from her usual chicken mince. No stomach issues with the change. Will keep buying.

Goats horn

Our fussy pup absolutely adores her goats horn! Not usually one to like ‘tough’ chews/treats, she chews it everyday 😅 Thanks Kate x 💕

Good value!

We use a cup of bone broth a day (using one teaspoon of the concentrate) and our greyhound loves it. Much better value than unconcentrated bone broth and far less effort than making it at home. It's definitely improved our greyhound's coat and dandruff!

Greyhound loves it

Our rescue greyhound is a fan. We only use a teaspoon a day and it looks like it'll last about a month, which is decent value.