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Great product

This has been great for my puppy. She'd had constant digestive problems until I got her on this, and now she is perfect.

It’s a dogs treat

And my gals love them.

Amazing service n price

I brought this product 20 kilo Meals for Mutts once you dog has this you’ll never turn back..

Great value

Great value and good variety box of goodies, all thoroughly loved by my 2 doggos! Love the idea of proceeds going to a rescue too 😊


I love this bundle, has a good variety of mince and easy to store. Plus our big boy loves it

So good

Our French mastiff puppy loves this mix! ❤️

Furry Roo Feet
Bruno and Brady’s mum
A must try!

I have no words for how good these are! A must try for all.
Get novel treat to keep dogs busy for ages.
If you haven’t given your dogs this before definitely recommend!

Shark Cartilage
Emily Page
So good for puppy teeth

Our Boston puppy loves these! Perfect for smaller mouths and teeth

Love this, giving me the opportunity to give my girl a variety of meats!
She’s enjoyed the duck so much.

Sea Tail Chew
My dogs favourite

We’d never tried these till I popped into the shop and was recommended them. These are now my dogs favourite chew!

My puppy loves this mix

He gets excited at meal time since I’ve changed to this mince.


Tonks absolutely loves this mix!
Whether it’s stuffed into her frozen kong, a hoof or in her dinner bowl, there’s never any left behind! Love that it includes all the good stuff keeping Tonks so healthy!

This saved us! (So good for picky eaters)!

Jayce: hoomum won't cook me bacon and eggs for breakfast everday (can I find new parents) but this is the next best thing and I love my breakfasts now!

Hoomum: we went through about 5 different kibbles before settling on this. We're onto our second 14kg bag and are still happily shocked every day when Jayce eats his breakfast with gusto.

Duck Head (Beakless)
Nat and Jayce the Greyhound
Yum - please gib

Jayce: Hoomum was a bit nervous about feeding these to me because of how they looked but I was so happy. They taste yum and have a good cronch.

Hoomum: these are a lovely 'fun' addition to our 35kg greyhound's dinners.

Duck Giblets
Nat and Jayce the Greyhound

Jayce: can I please have these with every dinner?

Hoomum: Jayce loves duck so these are a nice little healthy treat to add to his dinners.

Duck Feet (Raw)
Nat and Jayce the Greyhound
These are a great treat!

Jayce: these have a good cronch and I love duck.

Hoomum: These add a lovely little treat our greyhound's meals.

Lamb Neck Bones 2pk
Nat and Jayce the Greyhound
Amazing enrichment and teeth cleaning

Jayce: These are sooooooo good I resource guarded them at first. Then hoomum made them even more yum so now I get them as my Thursday night treat. Eating them is hard work and I always have a good snooze after.

Hoomum: These are fantastic for our 35kg greyhound. After figuring out how to get him to eat them (flash fry for a couple of seconds in hot butter) he'll happily spend an hour or so picking out all the meat and cronching the bones.

Duck Necks (4pk)
Nat and Jayce the Greyhound
Our dog loves these

Jayce: I always eat these first!

Hoomum: Thanks to TSD we've discovered our dog loves everything duck and this extends to the necks. He gets one of these as his larger bone for the week.

Turkey Neck 3pk
Nat and Jayce the Greyhound
Our greyhound loves these!

Jayce: I love the supersized chimken necks!

Hoomum: These are a fantastic bone for larger dogs. It takes our greyhound 10mins to eat them and they clean his teeth fabulously.

Duck Wings
Nat and Jayce the Greyhound
Fantastic alternative to chicken wings!

Jayce: I love having different flavours in my bowl!

Hoomum: These are a fantastic alternative to chicken wings as the daily bone for our 35kg greyhound.

Emu Mince
New Favourite Protein

Please, please, please keep this in stock for Kirby, he loves emu! Mr nervous eater is not nervous when there’s emu on the menu.

Beautiful lean protein

Really happy with the venison, it looks so fresh!

Fish Mince 2kg
Cheryl Nightingale
Fish Mince

I think the Fish Mince is my absolute favourite (my dog loves all his proteins from The Saltiest Dog) it has that fresh caught sea smell - clean and slightly salty.

Diced Kangaroo 2kg
Cheryl Nightingale
Diced Kangaroo

Great quality protein - love all my purchases from The Saltiest Dog

Simply Seaweed
Michael Kelleher
Simply Seaweed

Excellent service. Excellent product. I sprinkle it on my dogs’ yoghurt every morning. I am on my second tub