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Goat Horn (With Marrow)

Goat Horn (With Marrow)

12 total reviews

Super long lasting chew treat with marrow in tact (ie these are not hollow but your dog will have fun trying to get them hollow!)

These can last months, with your dog going back to chew time and time again, which means great value for money!

Please buy the size suitable to your dog (ie a large dog could swallow a small horn whole so will need a large or XL horn)

Small is suitable for dogs less than 10kg. 
Medium 10-15kg
Large 15-30kg
XL suitable for any size dog to chew but best for dogs over 20kg

^^^This is a guide only, you are in charge of deciding what's best and safest for your dog.

Sourced & dehydrated locally from Australian Goats.


We are based in Melbourne VIC and offer either delivery or shipping by post depending on where you are and what you purchase.

For more details about what this means for you, please visit our Shipping & Delivery Information page.

Alternatively, you can message us on Insta or email for a quick response if you're still not sure. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sam T
Best treat ever!!

Delilah my little Aussie bulldog loves these goat horns. A safe treat for her (although still monitored) as she does have a tendency to swallow treats too fast, bulldog style, and almost choke. So this is our go to treat for sure.

Laura Campbell
Long lasting and enjoyable

Kirin (a 1 year old Finnish Lapphund) loves her goat horn. She alternates between it and a fallow antler, so it's lasted almost a month so far, and sometimes I have to take it away because she preferred chewing it to eating her actual meal!

Laura B.
Long lasting goat horns are a must try

Our 3 dogs (Ralph, Chuck = Jack Russell’s & Winston = Cavalier) love theses especially our cavalier these are one of his favourite treats and none of them have trouble chewing and chomping down on one of these bad boys, we get them medium to large size for them. These last a very long time and are excellent price for how long they last. Keeps all 3 dogs occupied when they are going a little stir crazy especially on rainy/bad weather days.

Kelsi Johnstone

Quite literally the best thing in the world. Our dog loves it, and it lasts for a real long time. We give it to her in thirty minute increments and any time she sees it she gets real excited. Plus, her teeth are squeaky clean and she’s always fulfilled afterwards. Best money we will ever spend on her.


By far this is the best money we’ve ever spent on our dog. No questions. Will always have one extra on hand becuase they’re the best thing in the world.


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