Good Guts Green Tripe Topper

Good Guts Green Tripe Topper

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Green Tripe is super good stuff for your doggo!

Full of deliciously smelly yum good bacteria, enzymes & nutrients for great gut health.

Sprinkle on your dogs dinner to keep their gut flora in tip top shape.

Excellent for fussy eaters as it has a strong aroma that your dog won’t be able to resist!

This is tripe in its purest form- unbleached & untreated. It has been lightly rinsed and slowly dehydrated to lock in nutrients (the moisture is slowly sucked out as apposed to some techniques that blow hot air which essentially cooks the goodness away!).

-80g- in fully compostable packaging- 



Simply sprinkle over any meal, or if feeding dry food-

Add some warm water, mix to a gravy consistency and mix through meal.

Due to the concentrated nature of this product please use in moderation- a little goes a long way!

We use this in our Mutt Mix!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Aishah Pelley

Amazing product and way more than i thought there would be. My puppy loves it

Jess Dunstone
Good guts green tripe topper

My boy really enjoys this product

Novitasari Ateng
Guts saviour!

I notice Loki seems to strain a bit whenever he goes to the toilet. After having a look online, I decided to give this a go!
And voila, Loki now can go toilet easy. No need to push hard anymore. He must be very pleased!

Amber Holmes
Great for my pups fussy belly

My pup had a really tough time with her upset tummy as she was growing. Encorporating this topper into her meals really helped to ease her issues and best of all she LOVES it! We now add it still because she loves it so much 😂


We used this to make a broth topper to soften kibble and our bulldog was losing her mind over the smell! Frankie couldn't sit long enough before diving into her food! Will definitely be buying again :)