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Whilst most businesses send their orders in snazzy branded boxes, we believe there are enough cardboard boxes in the world already, so we decided not to buy into that vibe.

The only nice branded packaging your order will come in is someone else's! There's a lot of talk out there about 'the unboxing experience' but really the most important thing to us is that what's within the box arrives safely and in perfect condition.

So you won't get a special or aesthetically pleasing 'unboxing' experience- but you will get what you ordered (packaged nicely with nothing but recycled gear).

We gather boxes and packaging stuff from orders that we receive or from other places we visit that offer their unused boxes for reusing (sometimes our customers drop in boxes for us to re-use too!).

This means sometimes you will get your order in a Cheezels box, or a Lickimat box, or a lovely pink box that used to have someone else's sticker on it (sorry it's not edible blooms for you, it's dog treats!)

Some might say this is a little unprofessional.... But if reducing, re-using and recycling is unprofessional then yep- we are. Soooo un-profesh!

Making better choices for the environment where possible is more important to us than our branding being all over everything.

We also only use recycled ice packs, cooler liners and boxes for all our cold packaged orders.

Most small businesses create waste, and we are no exception, so this is a small thing we can do that at least makes a tiny impact.