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Who Are We?!

The Saltiest Dog was born out of the desire for nice things for my beloved canine Lulu.

As a veteran Veterinary Nurse who appreciates and respects the human-animal bond more than most, I wanted to start a business that was the kind of business I would go to.

And so it began, as a predominantly dog treat, toy and accessory business that morphed into the food focused business it is today. If you’re interested in where the name comes from, that’s another whole story, one that you can find out more about on our Instagram Highlights.

Canine Health & Well-Being: It Starts With Food.

As a small business owner doing their own marketing and promotion, the experts say you must know your target audience, who they are and what’s important to them, so you can market to them effectively. I know my target audience really well, cause they’re just like me – switched on, sassy and fun with a discerning eye for quality. Oh and the main thing- they bloody LOVE their dog and want only the absolute best for them. They also want their dog to live the longest and best life possible and know that the main factor that can help achieve longevity is the food that they eat.

(Yes, we are wearing these!)


    At The Saltiest Dog we are passionate about wholesome, natural, raw food diets for pets. If you want to see your dog thrive, feed them as nature intended. 

    Heck, we can even make the meals for you!)

    As a Veterinary Nurse with over 10 years’ experience in the pet health industry, I can help with dog health related questions so feel free to send a message or call for a dog chat :)

    Please check out our socials, as we keep them up to date with the latest going ons.

    We are based in Bundoora VIC (3083) but can ship most things Australia wide, except the cold/frozen food items, they must be delivered or picked up locally. 

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