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Dog Yog Cultured Ice Cream for Dogs

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Our Dog Yog pots are a highly nutritious treat, providing a lickable cooling snack for dogs. They will keep your dog busy and promote a natural calming feeling. 

  • Packed with natural probiotics using our canine kefir. 
  • Goats milk is high in essential vitamins & minerals including calcium, B2, potassium, B12, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.
  • Banana contains good amounts of potassium & vitamin C.
  • Carob is a good source of antioxidants and fibre. 
  • Blueberries support the immune system containing antioxidants, fibre, vitamin C & K. 
  • Peanut Butter contains healthy fats, fibre and a good source of folic acid assisting cell growth. 

This treat can be given on a hot summers day, as an after dinner snack or for times when you just want to indulge.

For best results, Dog Yog needs to be consumed regularly to build a good microflora in your dogs gut. 


Customer Reviews

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Doggy Icecream

Boy did I love watching Willow eat these. Even though winter is coming, Willow will be eating these all year round. These are amazing and so so good for our pooches!