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-Lamb Got Your Tongue-

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A brand new variety for salty dogs who love them some lamb and a big chewy tongue to munch on!

Whats so good about this?
-all human grade from accredited suppliers
-no preservatives or additives
-no fluid or fillers


  • Lamb Mince (boneless)
  • Whole Lamb Tongue
  • SuperGreens Veg
    (zucchini, spinach, kale, parsley, alfalfa, safflower oil, brewers yeast, organic kelp powder)
  • Offal Mix (50% beef liver/ 50% beef kidney)
  • Green Tripe Powder or Pieces


  • Mix all ingredients before serving. 
  • If you'd like to try a free sample before you buy message us here.

  • Raw fed dogs are fed an average of 2-3% of their ideal body weight. Every dog is different so this should be treated as just a starting point and your dogs weight and body should be used a guide as to whether or not the amount of food per day needs to be increased or decreased. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephanie Woodruff
Great alternative to bones for teeth cleaning!

Wally's digestive system doesn't cope well with bones. This was a great chance to test whether he'd eat lambs tongue - not a problem! Now I'll buy a whole bag of them. The whole meal disappeared very quickly!

Great mix

Both my pups love this mix, it’s great to have something different to chicken or beef.

Natasha - Willow’s Mum
Lamb got my what?

Try not to be scared of this meal as your pooches will love it! I was freaked out at first by the tongue but soon got over it as I saw how much Willow enjoyed it. This meal is definitely a winner for Willow :) give it a try!