Roo Ribs (raw) 2pk *HUGE*

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The best thing for your dogs dental health is to regularly feed raw, meaty bones. Bones are natures toothbrush and help to prevent plaque build up due to the way a dog chews the bone. The scraping against the teeth and gums cleans teeth as they chew. 

Dental health aside, feeding bones is fantastic enrichment for your dog. They enjoy eating bones and it can keep them occupied for hours. Its also excellent exercise for lots of different muscles that they use when positioning themselves in different ways to get the most from the bone, and for the jaw muscles too that get a great workout from a bone eating session!

These Roo Ribs are huge and your dog can eat the entire thing- a meal in itself!

As always, if you are not sure how your dog manages different kinds of bones, its best to supervise to ensure they don't do anything silly, particularly puppies. 


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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Mc
Perfect treat!

Have bought these a couple of times and just placed a third order! Our golden retriever loves them and they keep her busy for ages!

Bruno and Brady’s mum
100% recommend

Bruno’s first time trying these and he LOVED it! Kept him busy for almost an hour!

Amanda Sleep
Yummy Roo Ribs

Dusty LOVES the roo ribs! She sits quietly on her place and munches away, very happy doggo :)